A Little About Me

I spend my time consulting, authoring, and speaking about the convergence of current and emerging technologies. I believe this is partially a result of having worked with a very wide range of technologies over my career. Beginning with Commodore 64 programming at the age of 12, then writing hardware diagnostics for UNIX systems in C++, moving into windows desktop, Web, and component development, and finally through XML, .NET, and Web service. I have seen how technology evolves over time. Today, I focus on helping organizations get the most out of today's technology, while preparing to leverage emerging technology as a way to be more competitive.


I divide my time between consulting, authoring, and teaching.  Each of these services compliments the others.  Authoring lets me dig deep into technologies.  Teaching exposes me to a wide range of development scenarios, and lets me hone in on specific area where students are looking for solutions.  Consulting keeps me real-world.  My consulting practice benefits from the teaching and authoring that I do.  These insure that I'm up to speed on the latest technology, so that I'm not "learning on the job."  My teaching and authoring benefit from the consulting that I do, which insures that I have real world experienced to base my courses and writing on.