We live in a world of the old and new, the "here and now" and the "coming soon". As technology constantly emerges, those companies that can integrate new technology into their existing infrastructure have a competitive advantage over those who sit still. But with constant change comes constant challenges. I believe the key is to plan for tomorrow's technologies while building solutions on today's. This is my focus, to enable organizations prepare for, and ultimately integrate, emerging technologies into their existing infrastructure.

"Constant change is here to stay" - Source Unknown


Interviewing for Dr. Dobbs
I've recently started interviewing the people building what I believe will be key technologies.  You can find these interviews on he Dr. Dobbs Exclusives site.  Recent interviews include:
Windows Presentation Foundation Interoperability
VB6 to VB.NET Migration: A Conversation with Jay Roxe
Visual Basic 9.0: Looking Forward

Easily Write Custom Gesture Recognizers for Your Tablet PC Applications
Also published on MSDN, this article shows how you can use simple regular expression to recognize gestures drawn on a Tablet PC.

New Firehose Chat Posted which illustrates testing Windows Forms user interfaces using Visual Studio Team System.

GPS Fleet Tracking has finally become mainstream. Parents are even using it on their kids GPS vehicle tracking. Governent and utility companies are especially benifiting from GPS auto tracking and GPS truck tracking.

I divide my time between consulting, authoring, and teaching because I find that each of these services compliments the others. 

Authoring provides me with an opportunity to research and explore technologies in-depth, and insure my understanding by organizing the knowledge into coherent written content.

Teaching exposes me to a wide range of scenarios where technologies are being used in the real world, and gives me the opportunity to help students solve specific problems.

Consulting lets me put the technology to use in the real-world to solve real business problems. 

My consulting ability benefits from the depth of knowledge I obtain from teaching and authoring, and my teaching and authoring benefit from the real world experience I obtain consulting.


Firehose Chats:
I probably have Attention Deficit Disorder.  I know this because I just can't seem to sit through more than three minutes of a technical PodCast or Channel 9 shaky-cam video.  I want to see the technology in action immediately, and I want the video to move quickly through the topics.  Keep in mind, I'm from that generation that had to program their parents VCRs.  This generation knows how to use stop and rewind, and doesn't need videos to move at the slowest possible pace.

On this theme, I've started experimenting with what I call "Firehose Chats".  The idea is that the video shows as much technology as possible in the briefest possible time.  Every video will be less than 3 minutes.  If you're like me, that's all you'll watch anyways.  Check out the following Visual Studio 2005 chats: